Infographic: An Easy To Digest Guide To Seasonal Fruits And Veggies

No more rock-hard plums, EVER!

Infographic: An Easy To Digest Guide To Seasonal Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables taste better when they’re in season. Anyone who has bitten into a rock-hard plum knows this. But unless you’re a professional chef, chances are you don’t know what grows when, especially since grocery stores are all too happy to line their bins with off-season produce year-round (and line their pockets with a different kind of green stuff).

So here’s a handy guide that shows exactly when to eat what. Designed by Column Five Media, it isn’t the first produce cheat sheet we’ve come across, but it’s certainly the easiest to digest. (Remember how we suggested that the previous chart just be a Gantt chart? Here you go.) Information is arranged into a Gantt chart, with the seasons spread across the horizontal axis and fruits and vegetables running vertical. A solid bar tells you when something is available and in season; a shaded bar tells you when it’s available, but not in season. Easy-peasy, right?

One drawback: The infographic represents growing seasons in the Western United States only, so if you live in New York or North Dakota, you’d be wise to get your information elsewhere. I’d love to see an interactive version that lets you select your own region, then virtually flip through the produce as you shop. Who wants to whip up an iPad app? Anyone?

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