Anti-Fashion Fashion: Jewelry That Celebrates Wrinkles Instead Of Hiding Them

Noa Zilberman traces the lines of her face to handcraft a collection of gold jewelry.

As arbiters of beauty, Americans have grown more accepting of the single flaw–a gap tooth, a mole, or thick eyebrows–on a pretty face. But wrinkles are still something that should be erased, filled, or otherwise concealed. The FDA reports that the cosmetics market reaps $60 billion each year. Noa Zilberman takes an artistic stand against our preoccupation with aging skin, with jewelry pieces that emphasize, beautify, and celebrate her wrinkles.


Developed as part of her first year as a master’s student at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy, the young Israeli artist traced the lines on her face, filling the creases, both visible and imagined, with gold-plated brass. The result is a four-piece collection including a multi-strand choker, forehead tiara, an eye piece, and what she calls “cleavage jewelry.” Zilberman likens the process to tracking trails on a “personal astrological map” that “was determined on the day [she] was born.” The pieces aren’t for sale, though the artist demurs if “someone really insists, I guess I can make a copy.”

[Photos by Gideon Levin]

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