• 06.26.12

10 Of The Year’s Most Amazing Science Photos

The Wellcome Collection announces the winners of its image awards.

Last week, the Wellcome Collection announced the winners of its 12th annual image awards, recognizing the “most informative, striking and technically excellent” pictures from the collection’s recent acquisitions.


The winners–capturing everything from the division of cancer cells to the crystalline structure of caffeine–demonstrate how such techniques as microscopy can be used not only to enhance our understanding of chemicals and organisms but to create truly awe-inspiring images. Ever wonder what a chicken embryo’s vascular system looks like? Regardless, you’ll be amazed by the web of blood vessels that forms only two days after fertilization.

Check out other examples in the above slideshow. The winning images are also on display at the Wellcome Collection, in London, until the end of the year. For more info on the awards, go here.

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