An Office Chair Designed For Laid-Back Working Styles

Ergonomic workstations and task chairs may be better than the body-punishing setups of years past. But some of us don’t do our best work parked behind a desk, or even while balanced on the edge of a bicycle seat. No, we unconventional types do our best thinking in repose, preferably reclining in a plush lounger. And finally, there’s a chair for the languid workaholic (yes, there is such a thing): Patricia Urquiola’s Hosu, for Coalesse, a low-to-the-ground one-seater with a bottom cushion that flips down like a foldout bed to form a footrest.

[Hosu also comes as a fixed two-seater.]

But don’t mistake its comfiness as a sign that it doesn’t support serious work. Rear and side pockets can hold mobile devices and reference materials, and there’s a cord pass-through for a laptop. The only problem it doesn’t solve is where to put your computer other than on your lap, which, especially in the warmer months, can be a hot drag. But we’ve all experienced worse working conditions.

Upholstered in an Urquiola-designed textured fabric, Hosu will be available for $2,300 starting on October 15. Start saving your change now!BL