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Braun Reissues A Sleek Digital Watch by Dieter Rams

Out of production for 30 years, the DW30 is back–albeit with a different name and a digital LCD.

Braun Reissues A Sleek Digital Watch by Dieter Rams

Perhaps no other designer has had as great an impact on object culture as Dieter Rams. His “as little design as possible” approach is responsible for the intuitive language and pure looks we expect of our gadgets today. But most of his iconic work has gone out of production and sell for gobs of money on eBay.

So what’s a Rams devotee of limited means to do? Buy an iPhone is one answer. Apple’s Jony Ive has been unabashedly honest about Rams’s influence on his designs. But now there’s another option: Braun has re-introduced the BN0076, a bold, sleek digital watch based on the original DW30 by Rams and Dietrich Lubs. The company produced only 3,000 of them in 1978, and the watch has been unavailable for 30 years.

The BN0076 can be had for the relatively reasonable price of $250 (vintage DW30s sell in the $1,000 range). It has a stainless-steel face, a black leather band, and a 12/24-hour digital LCD with light. You can buy it here, or wait for units to hit the MoMA Store in August.

Need more Rams? Go here for a slideshow of his greatest hits for Braun; here to watch our exclusive interview with the master; and here to read his essay on good design as a core business strategy.

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