Papier Mache-and-Tyvek Giants Laze Around, Looking Grumpy

“I was born in the south of France where we have a very strong bond with giants,” Mehdi Hercberg tells Co.Design. “Every district has its own giant figure that they show for festivals and events.” Drawing upon this history, and coupled with a commission from Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture (CVC) in well-known mythological hotspot Athens, the artist known as Shoboshobo came up with a concept to make a series of massive figures for the non-profit center’s debut.

It took a generous supply of papier maché, Tyvek, styrofoam, styrofoam peanuts, and paint to make the big guys come to life in all their oversized, Muppet-like glory. Despite their playful appeal, at their size it’s all they could do to laze around, propped up with sprawling limbs splayed and twisted within the white gallery. Another installation in Greece also incorporated Hercberg’s illustrations throughout the more domestic-styled space. Elongated arms and legs found a way out of–and back into–windows while winding from room to room, big enough to block the entryways but sturdy enough to withstand a bit of human interaction in the form of climbing over, sitting on, and squeezing by.

The next stop for the lanky gang is an Open Circuit event at the Kunstencentrum Belgie, then the Krets Gallery in Sweden starting in September. Here’s hoping they can spring for a first-class upgrade, or that’s going to be one long, cramped-as-heck flight.

(H/T We Heart)JK