Infographic: A Cheat Sheet For Grilling Out

Throw away that thermometer. Welcome to an advanced class in grilling guesstimation.

Infographic: A Cheat Sheet For Grilling Out

It’s surprisingly easy to cook a single piece of meat perfectly every time. If you can’t eyeball it, you can simply use a thermometer. But what can get quite a bit more difficult is juggling a few different proteins–bone-in chicken breasts, brats, and burgers–on a jam-packed grill for a bunch of friends.

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Luckily, this infographic by Column Five Media makes grilling as easy as looking at infographics. Rather than focusing on temperatures, it lists your favorite grillables by heat and cook times. So with a glance, you can see that a burger will take about nine minutes on high heat, or that a bone-in chicken drumstick is going to need over half an hour away from the flame.

But where it gets interesting is in the graphic’s simplicity of quick comparison. With its large, bar-graph-like cook times, you can quickly skim and see that you should add the bell peppers first, the mushrooms second and the squash third (and realize that, wait, there’s a reason why kabobs always taste worse than they look–this stuff was never meant to be grilled together!).

Now I know, you’re a big-time grill master. You’ve been smoking half an acorn-fed hog with pomegranate tree chips for the last 36 hours. It’s dry rubbed with saffron and white truffle powder only because the artisanal organic grocer was out of fairy dust and evaporated leprechaun sweat. Still, I’ll just leave the direct link to the printable PDF right here. You know, for that friend.

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