Borrowing Sex Appeal From Bardot, To Overhaul A Company’s Image

This is part of a series highlighting notable entries to our 2012 Innovation By Design Awards–Ed.

Ice cream, in theory, is not a tough sell. It’s universally adored, and even the mediocre stuff can hit the spot when the time is right (and yeah, the time is almost always right). Though bodega-bought pints and fancy artisanal flavors are not created equal–just ask your wallet and taste buds–it can be tough sometimes to justify spending a couple extra bucks for a super sweet indulgence. When creative branding firm Landor Associates took on establishing a new identity for Advanced Ice Cream Technologies, it was a matter of making the Mexico-based company stand out; its premium, handmade goods were well worth a taste, but the bland name and image needed a complete overhaul. “Our challenge was creating a brand that could break through the myriad of options and get consumers excited to pay $5.80 a bar,” J.P. Sabarots, senior client director in Landor’s San Francisco office, explains to Co.Design.

Rather than play up the product’s south of the border heritage, the Landor team opted for a French look and feel for the company, and came up with a name that carries its own inherent allure and immediate recognition: Bardot. A pair of bold red lips became the sex-sells-style logo, which then influenced everything from sticks and napkins to signage and packaging. “That approach helped ensure that we were developing a visual expression that is flexible and can exist powerfully across a variety of contexts,” Sabarots says. As a result, the bars are beautiful in a way that almost makes it tough to imagine besmirching with a bite–almost, but not quite. And considering that they don’t cost much more than a massive Frappuccino, it seems like a solid investment.

(H/T The Dieline)