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A Versatile Camping Lantern That Flickers Like A Candle

The outdoors just got a little homier.

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There’s no doubt that camping gear, as expressions of pure function, can be beautiful. But to those who don’t relish the outdoors, its no-frills style is a harsh contrast to the softer creature comforts they’ve left behind in civilization. This lantern, from Snow Peak, combines utility and elegant design to make the inside of a tent feel a bit more like home.

The Hozuki, named after the plant whose fruit resemble paper lanterns, can be suspended from its hook or used like a candle, with the light source tilted upward. It has three different brightness settings—at its dimmest, the battery lasts for 40 hours—and can be charged by USB. It even has a "candle mode," allowing the LED to respond to sound or wind with a flicker, so you can enjoy the romantic setting without burning your tent down. Now if it only repelled mosquitoes.

Hozuki is available for $89.95 here.