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Watch: An Awesome Time-Lapse Video Of Space Station Images

We’ve shown you some of these images before. Now they’ve been combined into an amazing time-lapse video, using a little technical know-how.

Watch: An Awesome Time-Lapse Video Of Space Station Images

This lush time-lapse video of the nighttime view from NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) has been making the rounds on the interwebs, compelling grown men to gee-whiz and holy-crap all over themselves. It’s easy to see why. With impossibly crisp images and a rich, operatic soundtrack, it feels like a three-and-a-half-minute title sequence to some new Star Trek series–a real pro job.

Well, guess what? It was done by a guy in New Mexico named Knate Myers, and you could make something a lot like it.

As a Vimeo user who calls himself The Film Artist shows, transforming NASA pics into an awe-inspiring time-lapse video can be achieved in five relatively simple steps. NASA has a huge store of images–be it shots of the sun’s corona from the Solar Dynamics Observatory or the Northern Lights from the ISS–that can be downloaded for free. From there, you just import the photographs into a time-lapse creator, like QuickTime Pro, and select a soundtrack. Check out the full tutorial here.

See our previous slide show of ISS star-trail imagery here.

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