Glitchy Music Videos Turn Post-It Notes And Broccoli Into Magic

Post-it notes. Crumpled foil. Broccoli. In the hands of directors Vidya Sharma and Rajesh Thomas, even the most generic objects seem interesting.

Sharma and Thomas are the founders of a two-year-old motion graphics company called Rocket Science Films. Based in Bangalore, the duo writes, directs, and cuts short films that range from tourism ads made from garden veggies, to a music video created using dozens of projectors trained on model’s hands.

Their latest, a video for British pop act D NOVA, sets pencils, post-its, and thread moving to raucous electro beats. In the video for the band’s single, Genius Crazy, spinning mannequins dance in construction paper holes, waves of colored pencils sprout teeth, and balloons inflate over skylines made from plaid and houndstooth. It sounds like a Project Runway promo gone wrong, but somehow, it works.

“Each of the live action shots of various elements posing as the head of the character was lovingly hand-animated in stop frame style on a circulating base,” the team explains to Co.Design over email. They filmed the stop motion in front of a green screen, then added in computer generated backgrounds. “We love to experiment and sync various techniques and concepts of live action and animation,” they add. “We had a freak-out time designing this video.”

Though the company is still young, Rocket Science has developed a distinctive aesthetic fingerprint. In any given frame directed by the duo, you might see a live action, stop motion, and renderings cobbled together in a wild patchwork of analog and digital. The soundtrack is almost always glitchy, fast and loud.“It’s the joy of being hands-on,” explain the duo, “of being able to feel the graphics with your touch.”

[H/t The Creators Project]