• 08.24.12

A Screw Top That Turns A Mason Jar Into A Cocktail Shaker

The special top screws right on!

Rustic modern is a style on the rise. Amateur mixologists are everywhere. The most surprising thing about the Mason Shaker–yup, a straightforward mason jar with a shaker instead of a lid–isn’t that it exists; it’s that it took this darn long. Eric Prum and Josh Williams, the Southern boys behind the down-home tool, want to help you live out all your booze-slingin’ Cocktails & Dreams fantasies on the front porch rather than the waterfront, with a soundtrack by Alabama Shakes instead of the Beach Boys.


Prum and Williams met as freshman at UVA, when they were fortuitously paired as roommates. Williams went to culinary school after graduation, Prum dabbled in design and manufacturing, and later the pair ran a small catering company for a bit. The Mason Shaker, buoyed by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, looks like it’s their next big thing. After a series of conceptual drafts and prototypes they landed on the unique screw top, which fits on a standard Ball jar, and they’re ready to make the final tweaks and put that baby into production; as of now, it will be sold as a unit, but it would be a nice idea to offer the screw top separately and people could source their own glassy vessels. “It appeals to both purists as well as house partiers,” Prum tells Co.Design. Cheers!

[Images: Drew Anthony Smith/Fast Company]