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A Peek Inside David Byrne’s Awesome Office

David Byrne’s office is cooler than yours.

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So you have a foosball table at work. And an in-house masseuse. And maybe even an ironic conversation pit. But do you have a chair shaped like a molecular model? An art installation made of guitar pedals? How about a nonsensical shade over your desk that says, "If this shade is down I’m not who you think I am"? You do not. But David Byrne does, and for those reasons, his office is cooler than yours.

Brooklyn-based Gil Inoue snapped photographs of the Talking Head-turned-bike evangelist at his expansive, whimsy-drenched office in an old sweatshop in Soho, New York, recently for the Brazilian magazine TRIP. Inoue spent a few hours there, photographing the space and Byrne himself. Originally, Inoue wanted to shoot Byrne riding a vintage penny-farthing on the cobblestone streets of Soho, but they decided against it. "It was too dangerous," Inoue says. He snapped this instead:

Byrne is one of those polymaths who has remained remarkably innovative into the early evening of his life, excelling in everything from art to music to writing. Now we get a glimpse of the environment that fuels all that creativity.

Note to self: Buy a penny-farthing.

[For an extended tour of Byrne’s office, narrated by Byrne himself, go here.]