Infographic: How To Make Every Coffee Drink You Ever Wanted

The folks at PopChartLab have already tackled breweries, cocktails, and pies with their eye-pleasing infographics, each one meticulously researched and gorgeously rendered. It’s a process[/url ] that undoubtedly involves a lot of coffee. Their newest work celebrates the whole family tree.

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The [url=]Compendious Coffee Chart lays out the entire coffee ecosystem, outlining how various methods of production, including the French press, Kyoto dripper, and Neapolitan flip, among others, are used to create coffees, cortados, cappuccinos, and more. Coffee devotees can use the graphic as a way to announce their allegiance to the cocoa bean in all its manifestations. For newcomers, it’s a chance to discover that it’s not actually called a “cafe olé.”

Creating the taxonomy was not without its difficulties. “We had to make a judgment call on how to classify the output of the Moka Pot and the Aeropress,” a PopChartLab team member told me. “It’s not quite standard brewed coffee, but we wouldn’t dare call it espresso, so we coined a term for it: fauxpresso.” And while it is, indeed, compendious, there is one notable omission. “I think we got just about every major coffee brewer in here except for K-cups,” he says, “because screw K-cups.”

You can preorder a 24″ x 18″ print of the Compendious Coffee Chart, available as a limited edition of 500, over at PopChartLab.KV