Jambox Gets Personal With Custom Colors To Order

The best-selling wireless speaker gets a socially enabled makeover.

Jawbone, the company behind the best-selling line of Bluetooth peripherals for mobile devices, is known for their design-savvy business model, the result of an ongoing collaboration with the prolific Yves Béhar. Jawbone’s wildly successful headset line, for example, was the first to bring DARPA-developed signal processing technology to the consumer market.


This week the company is introducing an update to their Jambox smart speaker, and while it’s not DARPA-level cool, we’re willing to go there with them anyway. Starting on August 28th, Jambox fans will be able to “remix” their devices with a brand new set of colors and textures, available on Jawbone’s site. The updated palette includes nine cap colors, which can be mixed and matched at will. “Star Trek fans can geek out with silver and black, Oregon Ducks can show school spirit with yellow and green,” explains a company rep.

But much cooler are the new grill textures, which riff off Behar’s three original grill designs. The new choices play on origami and fractal patterns, imprinted in strong stainless steel–by far the most elegant element of the design. Along with 100 new color combinations, the Remix site lets you preview and save your designs. Social plug-ins for Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr let you share your choices, falling in line with prevalent trends in consumer marketing (after all, what’s the point of buying anything unless you’ve pinned it?). At $199, a remixed version of Jambox costs exactly the same as the original.

“We’re taking its iconic design and allowing our customers to use it as a canvas for personal expression,” explains Travis Bogard, Jawbone’s vice president of product management. The company follows in the footsteps of NikeiD and other brands who have launched custom spinoffs for their most popular products. Jambox is the best selling wireless speaker, and customization is a clever way to avoid hitting a plateau in sales (diminishing returns be damned).

Go check out Jambox Remix for yourself, which can be accessed via Klout until the official launch on August 28th.

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