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Attention, Clean Freaks: Here Is A Keyboard You Can Wash

Logitech’s latest accessory ensures that you’ll never be mystified by keyboard crud again.

Your laptop’s keyboard bears the brunt of all your bad habits. Crumbs, ashes, hair—according to a friend who works at the Apple store, all that and more has been extracted from beneath their customers’ keyboards (even, in one case, a quarter).

This week, PC accessory maker Logitech unveiled the K310, a waterproof, dustproof keyboard that washes clean of all your abuse. It can survive submersion in up to a foot of water, and it’s even safe to wash with soap. "We’ve all experienced that moment of distraction, followed by panic, when a cup of coffee or soda spills all over your keyboard," says Sophie Le Guen, Logitech’s Director of Mice and Keyboards.

The K310 was designed to survive all of that. Silicon-capped dome switches (the bit that connects each key to the board) make it possible to submerge it without ruining it, while drainage holes on the back let it air-dry. The characters are laser-etched and UV-coated, and each key is rated for three million strokes. It arrives with a special brush tool, and attaches to your computer via a standard USB plug—the only part of the device that isn’t waterproof.

True, physical keyboards may eventually be outmoded by projected versions, but until such technology becomes ubiquitous, the K310 is a nice alternative. Head over to their website for more information on the K310, which should be out sometime in October and will run about $39.99. Now that Logitech has tackled the waterproof keyboard, I’d challenge them to make a cat-proof version—a few more months and I’ll be out of working vowel keys.

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