• 08.28.12

iTypewriter: Yes, It’s An iPad Typewriter

Because if Apple can’t figure out iPad typing, we’re going to take some extreme measures.

iTypewriter: Yes, It’s An iPad Typewriter

Some say typewriters ruined writing, making it too impulsive. Others insist the word processor really did it in, making it too editable (and thereby even more impulsive). But as a writer, for whatever my flimsy badge be worth, I think it’s pretty clear that the iPad (and iPhone) ruined writing, as every ducking word that I type comes out wrong.


So maybe it’s fitting that Austin Yang designed the iTypewriter–a real, functioning typewriter that strikes its hammers right against the iPad’s Gorilla Glass keyboard instead of paper.

It’s all part of Yang’s obsession with “renovating” vintage equipment for modern day use. (His other uncompleted projects include a turntable and telephone.) But this isn’t a flea market hack; Yang designed the iTypewriter as a 3-D model, then passed it along to a Taiwanese prototyping factory to produce. The assembly itself took a month of tweaks–and that’s just on the working model you see here, which is actually Yang’s fourth attempt to build a working iPad typewriter.

He admits that the iTypewriter doesn’t solve any particular design problem (though, in a sense, it does solve the iPad’s horrific typing woes, if in a bulky, backwards manner). But that probably won’t stop it from being a massive success when it reaches Kickstarter in the coming days or weeks.

Because let’s just be honest, if Kickstarters could choose between developing a $1 refrigerator-free AIDS vaccine or the world’s most overwrought iOS novelty product, they’ll go with the novelty product every time. (That is, unless the AIDS vaccine were administered from an iPhone case, or something, and even then it’d be close.)

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