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Beastie Boy Mike D Honors Brooklyn With A Streetwise Wallpaper

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Beastie Boy Mike D Honors Brooklyn With A Streetwise Wallpaper

It’s been 26 years since the Beastie Boys promised to party, hard, until they made it home to Brooklyn on Licensed to Ill, and now Mike Diamond, aka Mike D, is nesting in the borough. Not only that, but his involvement in the interior design of his new townhouse resulted in a new wallpaper design–yup, wallpaper design–that celebrates the unique character and culture of the enclave.

Brooklyn Toile is a collaboration with Revolver New York, a hospitality branding and marketing collective with a style and sensibility informed by founder Vincent Ficarra’s background as a grafitti artist. Diamond had the vision–it took Ficarra to figure out how to bring it to fruition. “There are a plethora of different toile styles,” Ficarra tells Co.Design. After briefing Diamond on the intricacies of French-style 18th-century scenic patterns, it was time to determine what elements of the neighborhoods would make their way to print. “I candidly interviewed Mike,” Ficarra says. “I asked him to retrace his steps through key locations: where he hung out; bought his kicks; subway stops; kissed his first girl. We drew from that so it had more sentimental meaning than just landmarks.” Ficarra and partner Adela Qersaqi drew everything, from turntables to cherubs to low riders and more. Look closely, and you’ll see Notorious B.I.G.

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It soon became clear that what started as a personal project for Diamond’s own abode would be a real crowd pleaser; Flavor Paper, the local company tapped to produce the product, had also attempted its own Brooklyn Toile (kinda makes you wonder how many more variations and mash-ups on the theme there are floating around out there). The confluence of seemingly disparate component parts–Beastie Boy! Design! Wallpaper! Toile!–makes it tailor-made for viral lift and will likely grace walls far beyond the city limits.

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