Paging Dexter! An Office Covered In Plastic Sheeting

Here’s the thing about architects: They’re artists. So when they decide to cloak your office in great big sheets of plastic, as Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture has done in Nagoya, Japan, you have to understand: It’s art.

You have to praise the “graduation of translucency” and the way the plastic “regulates depth and boundaries,” creating a “dynamic space…born from the shadows.” You have to nod when they tell you that the plastic is really, actually, completely practical, draped between chairs and desks as it is, serving to both “divide the room” and “change the function of the room” on a whim.

You cannot point out that walls and partitions do the same thing, with the additional virtue of not making employees feel as if they’ve stuffed their heads in a grocery bag. And you cannot offer that clients would perhaps prefer to meet in an office that doesn’t channel a TV serial killer’s crime scene. No. You just have to sit there silently hoping that all that graduation of translucency doesn’t suffocate you.

[H/t Designboom]SL