A Mobile Kitchen That Works Outside And Inside

Usually when people move, they leave their kitchen appliances behind. Now they don’t have to: The Milanese designer Elia Mangia has built a fully loaded, customizable, and movable all-in-one unit that can go from inside to outdoors, so you can use it to cook a sophisticated dinner at home or drive it out to the next tailgating party.

Called Critter, the eight-foot-long kitchen is a freestanding unit comprising a sink, two burners, and storage space for pots and pans under the countertop. Because the modular components are fastened together with only eight screws, they’re interchangeable, so you can change the setup to suit your culinary preferences. (The individual elements have pegs that slide into grooves on the two wooden rails that make the main structure.) So if you don’t want to walk that extra few feet to drain your pasta, you can move the burners (powered by a small propane tank) next to the sink to accommodate your cooking routine. Mangia adjusted the drain system to store either a 50-liter tank on wheels or hook up to any household’s common drainpipes.

Mangia calls his Critter “a personal projection on the evolution of the kitchen in contemporary living,” and the cast-iron construction, combined with solid-ash and stainless-steel finishes, certainly puts current Ikea cabinetry to shame. It might also prompt a rethink of your own kitchen setup, with its bulky appliances and stacked pots hidden away in the dark recesses of veneered cupboards.

Mangia is working together with Italian design company Skitsch to develop Critter for sale in the coming months.SB