Infographic: A Graphic Tribute To The Designer’s Life

Ashwin Patel illustrates everything from Egos to Old Timers.

Creative workplaces are a unique breed, and more (and more and more) attention is being paid to the logistics of their layouts and design, ensuring that they are engineered to accommodate room for both productivity and play. But what of those intangible qualities inherent to the non-traditional office experience? Of pressure, heart, pitching, and sacrifice? Grid London’s Ashwin Patel explores these kinds of component parts in his new print, A Studio Life.

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“The studio environment is like no other,” Patel tells Co.Design. “The objects, the people, the mess or the organization, the tradition and craft, or the technology and innovation.” He illustrated the gamut with a set of 42 icons drawn from his own personal trials and triumphs and during the process inspiration, as ever, often struck at unexpected (and inopportune) times. “Many of the ideas actually came into my head during the middle of the night. Sometimes I thought I would definitely remember them in the morning and of course I would forget when I woke up, and be kicking myself,” he says. “I’ve now learnt my lesson and always keep a pad nearby.” If Patel keeps dreaming, perhaps there’s potential out there for A Studio Life, Volume II.

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