• 10.16.12

Turning An Ancient Carpet Weaving Technique Into An Art Installation

Faig Ahmed reduces rug designs to individual threads that extend across the room.

Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed has experimented with ways to celebrate and explore the artistry of floor coverings from his homeland before–his site has en entire tab dedicated to Carpet–but his latest project takes the form from underfoot to wall-bound, then into an entirely new dimension. Thread Installation, a recent exhibition at the Kichik QalArt Gallery in Baku, reduces the warp and weft of complex motifs to individual strands of wool. “I wanted to break the conception of a carpet as a two-dimensional object,” Ahmed tells Co.Design. “To make it in space.”


His modern take on the ancient techniques elicited a range of reactions. “Some people think that I’m trying to humiliate the traditions,” Ahmed says. “Change can shock the people who know the craft well. Is it good or is it bad? This is another thing.” Achieving the perception-bending effect took painstaking attention to detail and incredible concentration over an intense five days on-site. Ahmed drew the intricate designs directly on the wall, then used a special glue to affix the fibers and give them rigidity as they extended through the room. “I always want perfection,” he says. “But still give an impression of freedom and lightness.”

(H/T It’s Nice That)