Using Origami And World Currency To Make Hats For Gandhi, Lincoln, And Che

Donning a jaunty top hat was not exactly Gandhi’s style, but Yosuke Hasegawa has given the iconic Indian leader–and a host of other famous faces–a whole new look with Moneygami. The former graphic designer and current “3DCG illustrator” started experimenting with currency-creasing techniques almost five years ago, and has since racked up quite a collection of rad hatters. “Almost everyone who sees them laughs and says, ‘Oh my god!’ They all look so happy,” he tells Co.Design. “And I want to make people happy with spending money. It is just different way to spend.”

When figuring out the particulars of a new headgear design, Hasegawa is able to transform tender in anywhere from five to 30 minutes, and says he’s able to been able to find bills from all around the world–but remains mum on his sources. “I can get even North Korea, Iraq, and Libya… how is a secret.” He has, however, developed a (free!) app that teaches how to make Kid Lincoln out of a fiver. I tried it (with George, however, as I didn’t have any Abes in my wallet), and apparently my manual dexterity is pretty poor; I got lost on some of the more complex steps, despite the fact that there’s handy video clips that walk you through the process.

If you’ve got the patience and keen hand-eye coordination, give it a shot! The folded bill is still legal dough. And paying for a beer with a charmingly be-hatted Lincoln will no doubt be better received than settling a ticket with $137 worth of origami pigs hand-delivered in two donut boxes, as some brave, foolish fellow recently did.

(H/T Thaeger)