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Winter's Coming, So You'll Definitely Need This Super Sleek Space Heater

Matti Walker’s Anna has the polish of an Apple product and the look of an architectural model.

For the seasonal pessimist, the mild weather, turning of the leaves, and mulled cider add up to one thing: bone-chilling winter is nigh. And for those without central heating, that also means trotting out hideous space heaters with friendly sounding names like Impress and Mr. Heater, when they’re in fact neither aesthetically charming nor emotionally pleasing. Why isn’t there one that has the same stripped-down, highly engineered look of your beloved iPhone? Now there is: The Anna heater, by the Swiss designer Matti Walker, is a sophisticated and slender unit that would blend into the all-white interior of a minimalist Japanese house.

Anna is equipped with a ceramic heating element, two fan speeds, and a tip-over automatic shutoff for safety and energy efficiency. With such a slender footprint (less than four inches thick), it suffices for rooms up to 250 square feet, so at the affordable price of $99 (Dyson’s heater fan retails for four times that), you might want to spring for a pair.

Anna is available from the MoMA Store.