Prints That Show Off Sketching As An Essential Element Of Design

When The Wrong Shop debuted with four small-batch furniture pieces at Berlin’s Qubique last year, conveying a sense of provenance–origin stories, material choices, and production processes–was an essential element for founder (and Established & Sons design director) Sebastian Wrong. The focus has shifted ever so slightly to 2D decor with its new collection, a total of nineteen prints by Pierre Charpin and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, presented in an exclusive show at the modern mecca that is London’s twentytwentyone during the capital city’s Design Festival festivities.

“There is a void between appreciating art and actually being able to buy it,” Wrong tells Co.Design. “What I’m interested in is trying to close that gap.” Despite their similarities, however, he doesn’t actually classify these Editions as “art”–which might be a semantic distinction, but one Wrong sees as crucial. These are instead parallel accessories to design–pieces for the folks who know what kind of sofa and light fixtures they like, but perhaps aren’t as sure what to put on their walls.

Charpin and the brothers Bouroullec were natural choices for the endeavor (and the fact that they’re all French is merely coincidence). “The practice of sketching and drawing is fundamental to their design work,” Wrong says. “This series celebrates and promotes this complementary practice, and how it’s a part of their identity–that, in essence, is what it’s about.”

All are offered in both framed and unframed options at a fixed price, and in the case of Ronan and Erwan, its the first time their prints have been available for purchase–pretty cool considering the originals have made the rounds in recent exhibitions at the Vitra Design Museum and Centre Pompidou-Metz, as well as being featured in a beautiful monograph.

Check out all the prints at twentytwentyone (I’m partial to this strange creature by Erwan…)