Dueling Photogs Share The Same Roll Of Film

Dueling pianos are pure fun. Two musicians go all-out with their craft, and somewhere in the midst of this inherent competition, a whole new sound is born that’s larger than either player could produce himself.

People vs. Places is a new photo blog along the same lines. Creators Stephanie Bassos and Timothy Burkhart each carry a camera with them all the time. Their photos end up on the site. But rather than the product of one artist alone, each image is a double exposure–containing one photograph by Bassos and one photograph by Burkhart.

“We never know what the other is shooting, we just know that Stephanie is shooting people, and Tim is shooting places,” the duo tells Co.Design, “and when we each finish a roll of film, we hand it over to each other . . . then we do it all over again.”

They even alternate who drops the film off at the lab.

Double exposures are by no means a new idea, but splitting them between two photographers offers the medium all sorts of unseen serendipity. A child sits on a construction crane. Sunbathers bask on a surreal, tree-strewn landscape. A human figure quite literally becomes one with nature. And it’s all unpredictable yet seemingly inevitable brilliance, a collaboration focused dead on that sweet spot where art emerges from chaos.

See the blog here.