The World’s Most Advanced Satellites, As Wooden Toys

We think of wooden toys as relics of yesteryear. Even when fresh out of the shrink-wrap, these toys are inherently nostalgic, a pack of baseball cards that still stubbornly includes a piece of stale gum.

The Russian satellite Spektr-R will have a resolution 1000x that of the Hubble.

The Papofoxtrot Space Series, by London studio Postlerferguson, are wooden toys that simply don’t feel like wooden toys. Modeled after some of our most advanced satellites, from U.S. spy gear to the solar system’s most advanced telescope to a machine that will incinerate trash in our atmosphere, maple and stainless steel combine to create beautiful high-tech models unlike any aesthetic out of NASA.

“We wanted to keep the warm and engaging feeling of wood toys but update the subject matter to today’s marvelous machines and infrastructure rather than nostalgic stuff,” designer Ian Ferguson explains. “We like to think of them as updated wooden toys with the nostalgia stripped out, but they probably are really more for adults who love this stuff rather than playthings for young kids.”

Indeed, these toys are presented on pedestals for a reason: They’re almost too beautiful for grubby child hands. Imagine red Jello residue coating a glossy solar panel, or a few Crayolas smears etching themselves into the wood grain of a telescope. Maybe, inherently, we don’t mind seeing cheap injection-molded plastic scuffed and dog-chewed to bits. But when a fine-crafted piece of wood is on the line . . . *shivers* . . . what hath these child hands wrought?!?

You can order the entire collection now for $126, or individual pieces for $32.

Buy them here.

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