Sh*t Girls Say: Now An Arty Photo Series, Not Just A Video

The infamous video and Twitter account is now an artsy, hilarious coffee table book.

If you don’t know the Twitter account Shit Girls Say, that’s alright. I can catch you up to the idea in about three tweets.


And that Twitter stream, in turn, was remade as a superb Internet meme:

It was all the brainchild of Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard. And while they haven’t scored a Shatner-in-drag sitcom for the idea, they are publishing a new book with HarperCollins. Obviously, 140-character tweets don’t go very far in filling a whole book, so creators turned to a little crafting and photography (by Daniel Ehrenworth) to fill the gaps. They actually created real, physical props to flesh out tweets (promising no Photoshop was used). And these props add a whole other layer of absurdity to the one-liners.

“I forget what I was about to say” is scrawled on an anatomical model of a human brain. “Should I get bangs?” becomes a makeshift tiara. And maybe one of the best lines and shots of the bunch–”I kind of want a hot dog”–is written right on a hot dog, in ketchup. There’s so much literalness going on there that, somewhere in it all, a sort of self-effacing genius ensues. (Or, at minimum, someone’s dinner.)

“We wanted to make something that took Shit Girls Say to a new place, to create physical objects in a real space,” Humphrey tells Co.Design. “We started by choosing new and classic Shit Girls Say phrases that would make the most sense visually … from there we just tried to think of the funniest way to represent everything in photographs.” He adds, “One of the last images we came up with was ‘Could you watch my stuff?’ because we couldn’t think of something that would be really annoying to have to watch … until we thought of leaving a baby on someone’s doorstep with a note.”

We won’t spoil any more of the fun. Shit Girls Say is available now. It’ll set you back about $10.

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