Dyson Invents A Vac Brush That Makes Hair Tangles Impossible

I married a woman out of my league, with a whip of a mind and a head of long, blonde hair to warn me of its dangers. But with that hair comes a price: a once-a-year delving into my vacuum cleaner, machete’ing away the ropes of golden wookie fur looped around its scrubbers.

I, like so many others, had suffered in silence for years–sure this was only something that happened to me. But apparently the designers at Dyson have met the same fate, so they created the Dyson Tangle-free Turbine–a vacuum cleaner attachment that reimagines that traditional “brushbar” (which is apparently the term for that spinning scraper at the bottom of many vacuums).

Rather than using one spinning cylinder, like a steamroller, the Tangle-free Turbine deploys two counter-rotating discs that spin like floor buffers, ushering vacuumables in through a centralized air channel. Evidently, this circular motion “balls up” longer hairs and fibers through friction–though it’s not really so surprising. It’s the same motion you’d use to roll a meatball.

Of course, this is a Dyson product, which means the vacuum head comes with a funbelievable amount of design detail. The bristles actually had to be angled slightly to work properly against the carpet, and an articulating base plate keeps these discs in constant contact with uneven terrain. Overall, this single attachment is the product of 187 prototypes, which ultimately led to 19 different patents. The only single design complaint I can muster is probably the most obvious: If this system works so well, why doesn’t Dyson maximize its size, making this new dual brush the entire base of their DC41 Animal vacuum cleaner? Because if it really can make meatballs out of wookie fur, it could be a standard, not just an option.

The Tangle-free Turbine is available now for $70.

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