Lightweight Lamps Make Use Of Your Household Clutter

Even with all the developments in flat-pack products and furniture, lamps can still be a bit unwieldy to ship (blame those damn heavy bases). Tord Boontje was searching for a workaround when he came up with Lightweight, a new collection characterized by empty baskets where those damn heavy bases would be, ready to be filled with what you’ve got laying around the house.

The fixtures were displayed at Squirrel’s Electro Garden Party–which sounds like a funky Wind in the Willows-themed soiree hosted by Daft Punk–during last month’s London Design Festival. The studio showed them loaded down with rocks, and it’s almost a bit surprising to see these super-raw materials so prominently in Boontje’s work, which is often characterized by delicate patterns (see Midsummer, Tangle Globe, Little Field of Flowers . . . you get the idea). But the genius of the concept is that once you take one home, it’s up to you what to stow in the basket. Plants? Sure! Shoes? Yeah! Magazines? What are those?!

All the component parts were sourced in Britain, including a bamboo stem grown in Scotland (who knew?), wire baskets and joints from Yorkshire, fabric boxes made in Wales, and London-born cable and copper plating. Lightweight is offered in fully adjustable desk, hanging, and three different floor models, one of which has some lovely blossoms screen-printed on the Tyvek shade–so Boontje’s stuck to his roots after all.

(H/T Inhabitat)JK