This Tunnel Is Watching You

There are days when it feels like everyone is looking at you. Maybe it’s a new haircut. Maybe your fly is down. Maybe it’s a hallucination, a concoction of paranoia and narcissism that our psyche uses to trudge through the ant maze of life.

But in Cinimod Studio’s new installation, Walk the Light, everyone really is looking at you. Commissioned for the London Design Festival at the entrance of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Walk the Light is an interactive hallway that tracks your every move and keeps you under the spotlight.

A thermal camera senses your coordinates, which are then fed to a motorized light that positions itself directly overhead, following your every move on a motorized track as if you’re the most enlightened human being in existence. In your wake, the hallway shifts to warm or cool tones generated by averaging the foot traffic patterns through the tunnel.

What’s so amazing to me, however, is the simplicity with which such a humdrum space has been transformed into a reactive sculpture. With a bare-bones electronic base–a few lights, some basic sensors, and a track-cruising robot not unlike your average garage door opener–Cinimod Studio has created an architectural experience with an effect that’s wholly unique.

Also, I always knew you were all looking at me. Admiring. Plotting.

See the project here.

[Hat tip: The Creators Project]MW