Winter Is Coming. Time To Design A Better Touchscreen Glove

As it gets colder outside, our hands spend more time jammed in our pockets, cozying up with our keys and smartphones. But invariably there are times when both hand and phone must emerge and face the elements. So if you do live in one of those places where the next few months mean frosty commutes, sidewalk shoveling, and the occasional snowball fight, investing in a pair of smartphone-compatible gloves probably isn’t a bad idea.

Mujjo, a Dutch company that makes a variety of mobile accessories, recently redesigned their well-regarded touchscreen gloves. The brand’s first run of gloves were acclaimed for keeping things simple: They were a no-frills, relatively cheap way to use your smartphone while keeping your paws toasty. This time around, the company knew it had the conductivity thing down–they knit silver-coated fibers throughout the garments, making your whole gloved hand (and not just your fingertips) touchscreen-ready. The goal for this season’s pair was to improve the rest of the glove.

As founder Tom Canters explains it, after hours of icebox testing (really), they settled on a new, higher-density material that makes the gloves warmer while staying nice and stretchy. “Thanks to this elasticity,” Canters says, “the glove takes the shape of your hand and offers a sleek fit, which guarantees an optimized typing experience.” Of course he’d say that, but it’s true: Floppy fingers never helped anyone compose a text message. The new type of yarn also ensures that the gloves will last longer before pilling, Canters hopes.

The gloves come in two sizes and cost about $33. And in response to “numerous requests,” they’re now available in five colors: black, natural gray, sandstone, lavender, and coral pink.

You can read more or grab yourself a pair on the Mujjo site.KV