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Univision’s New Logo Is A 3-D Human Heart

Taking the “Hispanic Heartbeat of America,” literally.

Univision’s New Logo Is A 3-D Human Heart

More than 20 years ago, Univision adopted its iconic four-color tulip, a creation by Tom Geismar, known for his logo work for PBS and Xerox. Now, that logo has seen a refresh by Wolff Olins. In an era when many brands are celebrating low-fi 2-D aesthetics, Univision went 3-D. But more notably, the tulip has been transformed into a heart–not the cute Valentine’s Day variety, but a beating, four-ventricle human heart–to complement Univision’s new tagline: Hispanic Heartbeat of America.

“Univision’s new heart logo brings together the quadrants that were previously separated, representing unity, collaboration and the merging of cultures in the U.S., not to mention Univision’s integration across its platforms,” Univision SVP of Corporate Marketing, Ruth Gaviria, tells Co.Design. “The heart iconography is also three-dimensional, representing the many magnitudes of the Univision brand and the U.S. Hispanic community, as well as the 360-degree approach we embrace as a company. It was dimensionalized with light to reflect the spirit and bright future of our Hispanic community.”

Today, it’s fairly common to see iconography of hands and eyes in corporate logos, but it’s an inherently jarring idea, isn’t it, to model a logo after a vital organ that sits deep within the recesses of the human body? I’m fairly certain that you can actually see the superior vena cava poking out, like molten filling leaking from its four-color candy shell. It’s a borderline bionic creation, wrapping a telecommunications shield around fragile human tissue. And at the end of the day, I guess that’s precisely what Univision was going for.

The new logo will make its way to television starting in 2013.

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