A Fluorescent Taxonomy Of Shapes You Never Knew Existed

As any compulsive list-maker knows, there’s something immensely satisfying about creating a list, even–no, especially–if you already know its contents by heart. Pop Chart Lab, the team behind brilliantly simple infographic posters like Pie Charts of Pies and The Grand Taxonomy of Rapper Names (they also do some complex ones), have made a business out of it.

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This week, the Brooklyn studio released its latest chart, A Synoptic Scheme of Shapes, is about as simplistic as they come. The poster is a taxonomy of shapes, ranging from the humble ellipse, to the majestic golygon, to the sexy-looking cardioid.

Patrick Mulligan, Pop Chart Lab’s founder, tells Co.Design that after years of dreaming up high-concept charts, his team decided to make the simplest list they could think of. “We were trying to think of the most minimalist thing we could chart, and after tossing around a few odd ideas like “a chart… of charts!” we decided to investigate doing one based on simple shapes,” he explains. “The research process felt like finally covering all the stuff we slept through in high-school geometry class.”

Sure, this poster is a simplistic exercise in visual classification. But then again, I had no idea what a Reuleaux polygon was before today.

You can buy A Synoptic Scheme of Shapes here.KCD