On A Huge Video Wall, A Stunning Kinetic Sculpture Comes To Life

Over the next few weeks, Universal Everything will release a series of 18 videos shot at the Hyundai Vision Hall in South Korea. This is the first. And like most everything produced by Universal Everything, it’s fairly astounding–an animated digital sculpture, capturing the graceful kinetics of the human form.

Now, I have no idea what this rainbow human has to do with buying a Hyundai Elantra, just as I can’t say that I ever understood why Air France would feature a burning human on their inflight screens. But who cares? Universal Everything continues to captivate with their ever-evolving riffs on the half-digital, half-human form, their ubiquitous mascot that seems simultaneously vague and universal enough to fit any company or occasion.

It’s sort of the best side effect to big corporate advertising, isn’t it? As consumers, we spend money on cars and plane tickets, and amidst billions returned into traditional advertisements, a few cents here or there make their way into what are essentially artistic slush funds. Corporations get paid. Creators find work. Consumers score some YouTube clips that could be proudly projected in any modern museum. And for just a moment, capitalism seems like everything just and inventive in the world. Now let’s all run out and buy things–maybe Hyundais, even!

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