The Linear Calendar Is A Paper Timeline For Your Life

Year-at-a-glance calendars are generally useless. But our favorite alternative is back for its 2013 edition.

If you have a weekly meeting, GCal is the perfect reminder service. Every Tuesday at 3 p.m. can be blocked off for a sit-down with a team, and it takes all of two seconds to create this schedule that will go on to infinity. But if you want to plan a vacation or other events through the year, the typical month-by-month calendar–even stored in the cloud–becomes a pain.


The Linear Calendar ($25), by the Made Shop, is a totally different way of looking at your year. Now in its fifth printing for 2013, the calendar simply shows each month as its own line. These lines are staggered left to right, aligning themselves properly with days of the week.

So at a glance, you can check the date of the third Wednesday in June, and you can discover if your anniversary falls on a weekend. Unique aesthetic aside, the calendar is, beyond all else, designed for practicality.

“The linear design came from a frustration with most ‘year-at-a-glance’ calendars,” the Made Shop’s Kimberly Johnson tells Co.Design. “We wanted a calendar for our studio where we could plan out long-term projects over weeks and months, along with travel, and important deadlines. We needed something we could write on and really use. But most year-planning poster calendars just present the months as a bunch of tiny month boxes, which is unattractive but also hard to plan with, hard to write on, and difficult to distinguish weekdays from weekends.”

So the Linear Calendar is a piece of paper you stick on your wall. It ditches tiny, futile boxes, instead encouraging scribbling and checking, with each mark you make contributing to what becomes a larger graph. Up close, you see the details; from afar, you can have an overview of how busy you’re going to be through the year.

For 2013, the calendar will be available in a robin’s-egg blue with red ink, along with a brand new black design with a silvery white ink. No doubt, you’ll have to find a special pen (maybe a metallic marker) to write on the black calendar. Or, you can just treat all that pre-printed dark pigment as a larger aphorism: It doesn’t matter what day or month it is, you’re always too busy.

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