• 11.28.12

Tote Your Picnic Lunch Like An Old-Timey Vagabond

Jody Kocken’s Urban Picnic offers a surprisingly stylish new way to eat outside.

Sure, dining al fresco might well have to wait until spring’s debut next year, but don’t let that stop you from daydreaming about a tasty meal enjoyed with the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. In Jody Kocken’s native Netherlands, eating outside is a way of life; for her graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven, she ditched the traditional basket and created the on-the-go Urban Picnic.


The over-the-shoulder stick and satchel combo is like a clever hybrid of an old-timey hobo’s bindle and an ultramodern bento box. “I was looking for products we only know from our imagination,” Kocken tells Co.Design, noting that most of us have probably never used a knapsack like this. A series of stackable tableware suited to serve two or three healthy eaters fits perfectly within the fabric tote, which ingeniously doubles as a ground-bound textile table. Plus, all the component parts can be easily cleaned–a nice feature for the spill-prone.

Kocken tested the tool with trips to the seaside toting fresh bread and salad, amongst other locales and simple culinary delights, and everyone from kids to golden agers have tried it out and liked its unconventional, but comfortable, approach.

She’s currently searching for investors and producers; here’s hoping she can put this baby into production once the weather clears up.

(H/T This is Paper)