• 11.29.12

Watch These Tactile Bowls Quiver With Ecstasy

Nendo’s contribution to an upcoming exhibition explores the “spiritual pleasure” of an object’s touch.

Writhe. Quiver. Shudder. Pulse. There are lots of romance novel-ready words to describe ecstasy, but they’re usually attributed to the experience of people, not things. Kama, an upcoming exhibition at Milan’s Triennale Design Museum, goes deep into the intimate connection between eros and design, and Nendo was one of eight contributors–along with the likes of Matali Crasset, Nigel Coates, and Nacho Carbonell–to create new work for the show. Oki Sato’s Japanese studio translated the evocative verb to physical reality with Shivering Bowls, a series of silicon vessels that simulate a sense beyond sight and touch and stimulate that sweet spot that makes viewers go all funny inside.


From afar, the smooth, milky white (with a few shades of grey) material looks almost like ceramic, but a gentle graze or whisper of air reveals that their incredibly thin rims are, in fact, completely pliable, conceived to “invoke desire” through the “spiritual pleasure provided by an object’s touch,” according to Nendo’s site. And once those vaguely breast-like bowls start trembling, it’s tough to look away.

In addition to the collection of site-specific and commissioned pieces, curator Silvana Annicchiarico pulled together items and artworks that span from ancient history to popular mythology, depicted with varying degrees of subtlety; so Jaime McCartney’s Great Wall of Vagina will be there alongside drawings by Piero Fornasetti and phallic Roman amulets. You can get your jiggle on–get jiggle wit it?–at Kama from December 5 through March 10, 2013.