Mercedes Reveals The Badass Eco SUV Of The Future

In the future, people will live longer, fitter lives, Mercedes believes. Paved roads will be overburdened, but outdoor enthusiast culture will flourish. In such a world, police will need a new kind of vehicle–a Mercedes maybe–that can pull off the road to pursue bad guys across any terrain imaginable.

The Ener-G-Force is the Mercedes vision of a police car for the year 2025. Designed internally by Hubert Lee, it’s essentially a Mercedes G-Class after an unapologetic sci-fi makeover.

Gone are the boxy edges of a classic off-roading vehicle. The Ener-G-Force appears to be carved from a single block of metal, the cross between a Baha racer and an alien spacecraft. It’s designed to be imposing, with giant Tonka tires (featuring 20-inch rims), and a herculean musculature accentuated by a set of undersized windows (windows that are intentionally small to protect drivers from bullet fire).

The propulsion system is hydrogen based, fueled in part by rain collectors on the roof. Nearby is the “TerraScan” 360-degree topography scanner (that’s quasi in development), which analyzes the terrain and calculates precise suspension settings, per tire, on the fly. As for that spare tire on the back? Ha! That’s not a tire, bad guys. It’s a compartment filled with “tools”–and as long as we’re in the sci-fi realm, I imagine plasma rifles and miniature black hole emitters, maybe even some sort of robotic canine companion who isn’t supposed to show emotion but would totally lose his shit if anything bad ever happened to me, I mean, his human police friend.

The funny thing is, it’s not the technology that’s all that far-fetched, but the premise. If Mercedes really believes that a denser, more urban population that’s only growing more obese will climb a mountain to break the law, then we really are in the realm of fantasy.

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