A Cookie Aims For Global Growth, With New Branding

Foodies can thank Belgium for a host of culinary achievements: beer, waffles, chocolate, and the Speculoos–the spiced, shortcrust cookie that has recently made a mainstream appearance on American store shelves.

Maison Dandoy, one of the premier bakers of Speculoos, wants to introduce the Belgian (and Dutch) specialty to a wider market (particularly to Japan) and, to that end, enlisted Base Design to rebrand its staid maroon-and-gold identity in the hopes of winning over those who didn’t grow up with the brown-sugar biscuit. The company has been around since 1829 and is still family-owned, so the goal, according to Base, was to retain Maison Dandoy’s legacy while updating it for today’s visual tastes.

The tasteful new emblem nods to the brand’s 183-year reputation for craftsmanship, while the “more radical gesture”–the gold polka-dot pattern echoing the shape of the cookies themselves–lends a “fresh and contemporary” element, according to Base Design Partner Geoff Cook.

The sophisticated facade is offset by playful text, including taglines like “Spectaculoos Speculoos” and “Artisanal biscuit for frivolous mind.” Says Cook, “The addition of upbeat copywriting introduces the dimension of storytelling that starts a conversation between the Dandoy brand and the consumer.” And if all goes as hoped, Maison Dandoy will trip off consumers’ tongues as easily as Godiva and Duvel.