All Santa Wants For Christmas Is A Lego Exoskeleton

Santa’s stable of reindeer have served him well over the years, but you can’t blame him for wanting an upgrade. This get-up obviates–with a little yuletide mechanization–the need for flying deer, chattering elves, magic sleighs, and even the good old sack of toys.

The mech, prototyped here in LEGO by cartoonist Mark Anderson, gives Santa a nice little cockpit from which to do his yearly work. It’s got powerful robot legs, dedicated claws for both “naughty” and “nice” gifts (you wouldn’t want all that coal gunk getting on the good presents, would you?), and even a see-through compartment on the back for storing all the goods.

Anderson says he once drew cartoons as a hobby, but when that became his day job, he had to find a new pastime to keep him busy. “I’ve always loved LEGOs and discovered there’s this whole community of adult LEGO builders,” he says, “so I jumped in.” This fully posable figure has adjustable arms, legs, wrists, shoulders, and hips. How else would it get down all those chimneys?

Anderson didn’t have any great designs for the Santa Mech–“I just start building and see what happens,” he says–though this isn’t the first time he’s done a somewhat unconventional take on Kris Kringle. Last year, it was a Futurama-inspired Robot Santa. Neither are versions you’d likely want landing on your roof at night.

See more on Anderson’s site.

[Hat tip: Dvice]