A Remarkable Animation Of The History Of The Universe

From the Big Bang to humans, this 4-minute clip will take you through the history of everything.

There’s so much we know that we’ll never see. We can extrapolate the concept of the Big Bang–the explosion of everything in the universe from a focused point. And we can reason that at some point amino acids (and complex life) formed from gunk on the Earth’s surface. It’s remarkable that we can even see the 110-foot Chicxulub Crater left by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. But we still can’t actually watch that asteroid hurtling at the Earth, just as we can’t catch a glimpse of the moment when amino acids formed or the explosion that gave birth to it all.


So projects like Beginning, an animation by Grzegorz Nowiński from Novina Studio, are remarkably important. It tells a sort of good parts version of the history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the rise of humankind. Not only is the piece pure visual delight filled with stark textures and fine particle effects that look particularly stunning when projected on water, Beginning is a grounding piece of context–somewhat imagined, sure–but the sort of imagined thing that very much centers our perspective of reality. The average person sort of knows what the Big Bang looked like because of projects like this one, even if Beginning is far more stylized than photoreal.

Remarkably, Nowiński told us that he completed the whole project, from scripting to animating to post production, in just two weeks. And when you think about it, that’s roughly 13.75-billion-years-minus-two-weeks faster than it took our own universe to tell the same story. Now, I’d never want to imply that the entirety of reality is slacking off, but when you’re 13.75-billion-years-minus-two-weeks slower than your competition, maybe it’s time to reassess some of the complex workflows behind space, time, matter, magnetism, gravity, and carbon-based life.

See the studio here.

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