• 12.21.12

Our 32 Favorite Products From 2012

Shoes, boats, and e-bikes, oh my! 2012 saw Co.Design writing about product design with a heavy emphasis on transportation.

Co.Design covered hundreds of products this year, ranging from Nike’s latest to the reinvented ice cream sandwich. It was difficult to pick favorites, but here they are: the most intriguing product design stories of 2012.


A few observations. First, if there was any question about 2012 being the year of Kickstarter, consider this: of the 34 stories that topped Co.Design’s product design coverage, nearly half of them were made possible through crowdfunding. That includes paradigm-shifting ideas like Twine, the ubiqitous computing sensor that will change how we live; it also includes smaller (but no less brilliant) ideas like a line of clothing designed for lady cyclists.

Second, many of these products came from people who have little to no experience in the industries and markets into which they ventured. We saw architects designing bikes and advertising execs designing shoes. In the end, good design can spring from anyone with an insight into a problem, and anyone with a plan to fix it.

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Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan is Co.Design's deputy editor.