Rational Or Ridiculous? A Book Of 100 Brilliantly Absurd Inventions

Dominic Wilcox is a serial maker. The London designer has invented hundreds of objects, ranging from GPS wingtips that guide you home to a strap-on nose stylus for hands-free smartphone use. Some of his ideas have been prototyped, but many others haven’t. Now, Wilcox has collected over 100 of his best concepts in a book titled Variations on Normal.

Calling these objects inventions is a bit of a misnomer. They’re more like little visual jokes, or riddles that give us a seed of insight into the world around us. A cubicle folds neatly into a coffin for when its worker finally trundles off this mortal coil. A crystal wine glass attaches directly to the stem of a wine bottle, making it a little classier to drink straight from the bottle. “Wilcox’s drawings aren’t just witty and beautifully drawn,” says U.K. architect Thomas Heatherwick. “They are serious challenges to the real world to keep looking at itself with innocent eyes, wondering what else is possible.”

You see, Wilcox isn’t all that concerned with the implementability of his designs. Rather, he has a knack for seeing the world around him as it truly is, and making observations that reveal the humor and absurdity of daily life. I mean, why don’t all scissors have a built-in level? I couldn’t say.

You can buy Variations on Normal for a very reasonable £8.00 here.KCD