A Super-Simple DIY Curtain Kit For Design Snobs

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have collaborated with Kvadrat to create a kit containing everything you need to hang your own beautifully designed drapes.

Drapes are not generally the most fun or exciting element of home decor to tackle: They’re fussy, it can be tough to pull together all the materials, and they are, more often than not, a pain to install. But unless you enjoy giving the neighbors an eyeful, it’s important to keep the panes in your place covered. For their latest head-shakingly lovely trick, French design bros Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have taken the guesswork out of window dressing: Their new Ready Made Curtain is a collaboration with Kvadrat and represents the first domestic consumer project for the Danish textile experts.


“We wanted to create a very accessible piece, almost as easy and quick to install as putting a poster on a wall. We hate the technical aspect of curtain-dressing,” the pair recently told Wallpaper. The kit comes with all the necessary component parts to hang it yourself, and it’s absolutely no surprise that each piece is a perfectly pared-down, beautifully executed paragon of simple, functional form–it’s what those two do best.

Stress-free mounting is achieved by attaching the wooden fittings to the wall, then linking the provided cord between them and winding it tight, much like the strings that tautly stretch across a guitar. Fabric options are offered in opaque or semi-translucent swaths that can be easily trimmed to suit your space, and they attach to the cord with set of wooden pegs that represent a streamlined take on the classic clothespin. The color scheme is a patriotic range of deep red, blue, and white, but it seems like Kvadrat’s back catalog and/or patterns to come could offer some nice opportunities to go a little wild with hues in the future.

For those with DIY tendencies, this seems like a sure bet. And hey–it might be your only chance to kinda-sorta collaborate with the Bouroullecs.

(H/t: Wallpaper, designboom)