$375K Table By Zaha Hadid Looks Like Rippling Water

It’s been an exciting month for Zaha Hadid. On top of news that a Chinese developer is copying her newest building verbatim, and the emergence of straight-up fake photos of her early life fabricated by adoring fans, Hadid has been named a nominee for the 2013 Design of the Year Awards.

But it’s not just Hadid’s architecture that’s being celebrated–it’s her furniture. In addition to nominating her Galaxy Soho complex in Beijing for the architecture award, curators at London’s Design Museum have added her Liquid Glacial Table to the shortlist for furniture. Other objects nominated for the 2013 Awards include Heatherwick Studio’s Olympic Cauldron and Nike’s FlyKnit trainers.

Hadid unveiled the four-part dining table at David Gill Gallery–which commissioned the piece–back in March. The acrylic resin tables are formally remarkable: Each crystalline surface is smooth and perfectly clear, deforming to mimic hydromorphologies caused by some unseen force. “The elementary geometry of the flat table top appears transformed from static to fluid by the subtle waves and ripples evidenced below the surface,” describes a spokesperson at Hadid’s studio. And yes–they bear some formal resemblance to the studio’s past tables. “This idea of glaciers and ice is something we’ve been exploring for a while,” Hadid told Wallpaper* last spring. “You can’t reinvent the wheel everyday.”

Each of the tables is handmade in Italy, and they don’t come cheap, starting around $375,000. That might seem shockingly expensive for a table, but for Hadid, who is at the top of her game, it’s simply a symptom of supply and demand.

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