Wanted: Tom Dixon’s London-Powered Line Of Old-School Accessories

Thirty new accessories by Dixon, ranging from rulers to tea sets, celebrate British ingenuity.

Tom Dixon was just four when his parents moved him from Tunisia to the U.K., but the early cultural transition seems to have been imprinted on the now 53-year-old designer. Dixon has spent his career advocating for handicraft in Britain (he’s described his approach as “British DIY”), and with the launch of his first spinoff accessory collection Eclectic, it seems he’s finally found an outlet to promote what he calls “London-powered innovation.”


The best way to describe the inaugural Eclectic collection, which debuted this week in Paris, is by calling it a cabinet of curiosities. It’s as though you’re getting a peek into Dixon’s own tea trolley. There’s a set of three candles, each scented with a different English trope (one recalls an Indian wedding, another smells like Earl Grey, scones, and “the drive home in a ’52 Bentley”). A six-piece solid brass tea set straddles the line between Bauhaus form and Downton Abbey style. The Mathematician is an elegant kit of parts for engineers and architects of an earlier age, including drafting tools like a lettering sheet and a set of stencils that look fit to draft a Neoclassical molding.

Eclectic is classic Tom Dixon–with one hand he’s earnestly celebrating centuries of tradition, while with the other he’s quietly experimenting with it. The new pieces will be available in April, with the rest of the objects on sale later this year. Check out the Eclectic website for more information.

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Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan is Co.Design's deputy editor.