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Look At Your Screen And See Infinity

A screen capture hack allows Evan Bech to create entrancing 3-D sculptures on his desktop.

Look At Your Screen And See Infinity

If you ever want to break your brain, the infinite abyss of looking into two mirrors that are facing each other is generally just seconds away. Look deep, count as high as you can, and then contemplate the meaning of existence while your stylist finishes trimming your bangs.

Evan Bech creates infinite 3-D sculptures using a hack of the computer desktop. He positions his point of view with the mouse, then the simulation starts, and a loop of screengrabs quickly piles on top of itself. Especially with the right psychedelic source image, the sensation can get pretty trippy.

The effect sits somewhere between a set of infinite mirrors and the kill screen of Windows Solitaire. It’s low-fi and incalculably intricate at the same time. So close your office door, turn on some Hendrix, and let your brain melt away one screengrab at a time.

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[Hat tip: Creative Applications]