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Shut It Down: A Wiki Guide To Canceling Your Online Life

WikiCancel offers up advice on how to finagle your way out of Facebook, Twitter, or LA Fitness.

Shut It Down: A Wiki Guide To Canceling Your Online Life

Who hasn’t signed up for a social coupon site in a fit of madness, only to find that opting into daily deals from is way easier than opting out?

A new site called WikiCancel offers concise, straightforward guides to shutting down a bevy of online accounts, from GroupOn to Time Warner. The site, which functions just like every other Wiki, is steadily growing its list of companies and services.

Sure, it may seem unnecessary to some, but obfuscating opt-out details is a crucial part of many a company’s business strategy. Whether you stay subscribed to LivingSocial because you’re too lazy or too confused, there’s still a chance one of those three daily emails will catch your eye. Now, you’ve got no excuse.

WikiCancel joins a number of other services aimed at helping people escape the confines of confusing contracts and impossible-to-find termination guidelines. Especially with online apps and contracts, the legality of making it difficult to cancel is incredibly hazy—it’s a bit of a wild west. And as Lifehacker points out, at least one blogger has found out the hard way that mismanagement of your online accounts can have a profoundly negative impact on your life, way beyond clogging up your inbox.

[H/t SwissMiss]