A Taste Of Paris, Stuffed With Textures And Patterns

Let’s assume that if you’re looking for lodging for a weekend getaway in Paris, life is going pretty darn well. Though there’s undoubtedly endless options for places to lay your head at night, Hôtel Paradis looks like a sure bet for travelers seeking a cozy mix of modern and traditional in the dense, bustling heart of the city.

French designer Dorothée Meilichzon was given carte blanche when conceiving the interiors in what was her first hotel project–the owner had been so impressed with her portfolio that he trusted her instincts implicitly. Over the next 15 months, she set about creating an urban getaway where each space offers a unique aesthetic experience, complete with a wealth of custom elements developed specifically for the site.

“I took inspiration in the Parisian landscape,” Meilichzon tells Co.Design of the recurring skyline motif, drawn softer and rounder but visibly reminiscent of the surrounding neighborhood’s buildings. She incorporated touches like marble tables and antique reissues throughout, complementing a thoughtful scheme of hues. “White walls make me anxious,” she says. “The lobby colors are quite neutral and soft–pearly blue-greys, with white bricks and wood–in order to get smoothly from the streets to the rooms, which are much more colorful.”

An intrepid mix of patterns and textures come together in Meilichzon’s bold use of wallpapers depicting everything from faux bois to repeating geometrics to a variety of feathered flocks, which offer a clever nod to the locale’s name. “I used these prints as a tribute to the oiseau de paradis,” she says. “Together with the clouds drawn downstairs, it is meant to bring clients to reverie.”

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